Your Career Excel coaches are two women across the pond from each other who share a mission to make your dreams a reality. Hira Ali and Jennifer Willey recognize the value of distance learning because they first connected online via a UN Women article and post. After recognizing how aligned their perspectives were, they started collaborating through videoconferencing. Both are global trainers, speakers and coaches who specialize in advancing women, but they realized that their differences would make for a more powerful combination together.

We are somewhat like the Reese’s™ peanut butter cups of coaching! Hira, an Author, Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner with a strong background in HR, is a Pakistani woman living in the UK. Jennifer is a New Yorker living in New Jersey who climbed the corporate ladder as a former C-Level Executive in Digital Media and Technology before devoting herself to developing others.

One year later and Career Excel takes flight—along with your career!



Leadership Trainer | Author | Motivational Speaker | Writer | Executive Career Coach | Podcaster | Diversity & Inclusiveness Champion| Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

I am your career flight instructor. I give you the wings to soar to great heights of success, satisfaction & empowerment in your profession. I help you focus on strategies to become the leader you know you can be. With me by your side, you will free yourself of limiting beliefs and learn to fly.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of coaching hundreds of people across industries, professions and ethnicities. From teachers to students, executives to police officers, business owners to stay-at-home parents, my client base has been diverse yet my commitment to help everyone achieve their highest potential is unwavering. My success as a professional coach is grounded in the belief that human potential is infinite. Helping others become the best version of themselves has been the most rewarding aspect of my own career. It’s also enabled me to connect intellectually and emotionally with incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds — people who had unlimited potential and just needed a focused guide to help them unlock it. 

I am an accredited member of the International Coach Federation and Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. My leadership and coaching articles have been featured in The International Coach Federation, Women@Forbes, Entreprenuer, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global and Ellevate Network. In the last 18 months alone, I have been published more than 28 times and some of my articles have been shared by Arianna Huffington herself. My contributions to popular podcasts on Leadership and Personal Development topics have inspired listeners worldwide. My career development podcast, 8 Minutes of Learning With Hira Ali, has been featured in the Huff Post as one of the top 100 rising podcasts with guests. I am a registered coach and mentor at various organizations in London such as NHS, Mentor2mentees & the Cherie Blair Foundation. I have been nominated for two prestigious UK awards: the WATC Rising Star Entrepreneur Award and the Lift Effect 100 Extraordinary Women Star Award.

I am extremely passionate about empowering women and coaching high-performing career professionals. After training women in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US, Canada, and Australia, I have earned the title of International Coach & Trainer for Women in Leadership. In my new book, Her Way to the Top: The Glass Ceiling is Thicker Than It Looks, I highlight the career challenges faced by women globally and strategies to address them. The book has earned outstanding reviews from global influencers such as Marshall Goldsmith, Cherie Blair, Ziauddin Yousafzai (Malala’s dad), Dr. Lois P. Frankel & Valerie Young. I currently live in London with my husband and son.


CEO and Founder: Wet Cement | Champion of Women’s Career Advancement | Leadership and Communications Trainer | Business,
Sales and Marketing Strategy Consultant | Content Creator & Media Personality | Motivational Speaker | Gender Equality Expert

20+ years of bumps and bruises earned climbing my way up the corporate ladder allow me to help women like you achieve your potential. Whether I was navigating change and challenges at start-ups or Fortune 500s, I learned invaluable real-world lessons on how to confidently and fearlessly shatter the glass ceiling.

I earned my stripes at technology and media companies like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oath/AOL, WebMD, Yahoo!, TV Guide and others. When I reached the C-Suite as Chief Business Officer at a connected health tech company, I realized that my purpose was to leverage my skills and expertise to help others ‘make their mark’. I launched Wet Cement in 2017 to achieve this mission in a number of ways—by designing and deploying Gender Equity programs for organizations, through inspiring “Advance Women at WorkShops,” “InvolveHim” programs to develop ‘modern male leaders,’ as a Global Keynote Speaker on Gender Equality, or through my “Fearless in 5” career-enhancing video series. I am committed to making it easy, fun and empowering to grow and develop your skills and purpose.

I learned at an early age how confidence, fearlessness (or at least acting that way!) and ‘owning the room’ can transform your life. By the age of 7 I understood how storytelling, courage and composure could make your dreams come true when I was a regular on the American TV game show, “Child’s Play.” This was reinforced when I became one of the youngest-ever Certified Fitness Instructors in the U.S. and even became an Instructor for Cornell University, while still a student! Later, working on TV shows like “Good Morning America” taught me how to manage big personalities. And by the time I was 21, I was a TV News Anchor and Reporter, which taught me invaluable lessons about stress, time management, flexibility and courage.

Now in my ‘spare time,’ I tap into my passion for helping women advance at work as the expert sales and communications trainer for the Rent the Runway/UBS non-profit “Project Entrepreneur,” planning Enrichment Committee events for the philanthropic women of “Impact 100 Jersey Coast,” and serving as a CSweetener Executive Mentor. I’m also proud to say I was the Founder and Chairperson of the WebMD Women’s Leadership Network, co-Founder of the AOL/Oath Women’s Network, and former Board Member of the Alliance for Women in Media, NY Chapter. I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Communications. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband John and two sons. And I cannot wait to help you reach your potential and realize your career goals!